Friday, March 6, 2015

03/06/2015 Miles for the week and tentative schedule for 2015

Today I hit 7 miles in about an hour long run.  I ran the second half faster as a way to increase the fitness of a boring run.  In total, this week I am at about 22 miles.  If you add in a couple walks and some cross training thanks to snow removal, it was a good week for my fitness.  I want to be north of 20 miles absolutely for the next several months, and most likely north of 30 miles as soon as possible and for as long as possible.

I have a tentative schedule for 2015 that looks like this:

Cupid's Chase 5K, February               20:25   (11th overall, 1st in age group)

Fred D'Elia Memorial Day 5K             May 25th

Franklin Lakes Triathlon 5M              June 20th

Running with the Devil  3hr run        July 18th

Wyckoff Education Foundation 5k     Oct. 17th-ish

TCS NYC Marathon                          Nov. 1st

I may sneak in an additional 5K that pops up or something, but this will definitely be my busiest racing year by far.  I am excited for it.  Racing keeps me motivated.  I will post this in the sidebar so that it is easy to view and as the year goes by, my results will be evident on the main page.

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