Tuesday, March 3, 2015

03/03/2015 Today's 2 part workout and the lottery results...

First, I got into the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon!  I am very happy to be headed to NYC next November and cannot wait to have some real direction to my sustained training over the next 8 months.

Second, I spent about an hour and a half on a nice long run today.  The reason I called it a 2 part workout was because I negative split the run into two halves.  The first half I ran 5 miles in 45 minutes.  I then turned it up a bit and during the next 45 minutes, I ran 5.28 miles in the same amount of time.  Consequently, I spent the first 45 minutes at a 9:00/mile pace and the second 45 minutes at a pace of 8:31/mile.  The workout was strong, felt good, and taxing near the end.  

I am not sure what I want to do for a workout tomorrow.  Over the next week or so, I plan to layout a short term running outline as well as a long term outline.  Details to come!

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