Monday, March 2, 2015

03/02/2015 Today's workout and tomorrow's opportunity...

Today I ran for about 45 minutes at a comfortable pace, probably around a little over 5 miles, maybe 5.25ish.  I really wanted to loosen up the legs heading into the week and be ready for tomorrow's long run.  I also got a bit of upper body work this morning thanks to about 5-6 inches of snow overnight and a snowblower that died during the last snowstorm.  I promised myself, no more bitching about the winter!

Tomorrow's opportunity has nothing directly to do with my long run I have planned.  It has to do with the fact that tomorrow is the lottery drawing for the 2015 NYC Marathon in November.  As a lottery entrant, I will wait all day tomorrow while people find out at different times of the day that they are in the lucky pool of those that were selected.  According to the website, some will find out early in the day and some later as the drawing is multiple stages and will be all day long.  This is a big day for me as a positive result will really shape my training for the whole year, with some specificity for individual events along the way.  A negative result, although not the end of the world, will leave my direction a lot more open ended, at least for the time being.

Keep your fingers crossed, I will let you all know asap if I get in at some point.  If I don't, I will share that as well when I guess it becomes painfully obvious :)

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