Friday, February 27, 2015

02/27/2015 Ridding the soreness and ending where you started

I just finished up an hour walk.  A fast walk for an hour is productive and helped loosen up a lot of soreness from my long run yesterday.  I woke up a little rickety this morning, but feel great now.  I had contemplated running again, but didn't want to over do it.

As always, walking is a great way to mentally cover topics at hand, especially an hour long walk.  I have planned whole units on a walk, prioritized monthly budgets, and mentally setup full practice schedules.  Today, however, it all went in circles and I am still up in the air about a couple main topics.  Clarity isn't always easy.  However, the sum of all the parts will eventually add up.  It's just figuring out the puzzle a bit more.

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