Saturday, February 14, 2015

02/14/2015 Race Report for Cupid's Chase Glen Rock

Today I ran the Cupid's Chase 5K in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  First, I need to thank Maura and the kids for braving the temps.  Especially on Valentine's Day.  It was 14 degrees when I left the car to get ready.  Yikes, I think they deserve the award for standing in the cold watching me.  That was probably harder than the running.

I have never run in 14 degree weather.  Guess what, I will never do it again.  I will run the Cupid's Chase, but it usually ins't that cold.  Yep, it was that cold.  I never felt good from the first step.  It was just painful and didn't allow me to find a rhythm.  That's all of my complaining though.  Regardless, it still felt good to be racing again.  I haven't raced since a run in October and it was good to be out there again.

I had been hoping to be under 20 minutes for the run, but I quickly abandoned any real concern for time once the race started and I realized how cold it was.  As it turns out, I finished in 20:25.  That translates to a pace of 6:35/mile.  I finished 11th out of around 150+ runners and 1st in my age group.  I have no complaints.

A couple of takeaways for the run today include:

1.  Even though all my running these days is around my gym 100's of times, I am in decent shape.

2.  I need to get outside and get some hills in.  There is nothing like hills and hill work to really round out your fitness.

3.  I need to continue the recent nutritional lockdown.  I will race and feel much faster once I drop a few lbs.

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