Thursday, February 12, 2015

02/12/2015 Variety workout, old school moves, and a mango

Todays' workout had a little bit of everything in it.  I did some easy miles, some sprints, and some strength stuff.  This is what it consisted of:

1.  2 mile warm up run at about 9:00/mile pace
2.  6 suicides on the court, 1 minute rests  (hence the old school reference)
3.  4 sets, alternating planks and farmer walks, 1 minute and 1:30 respectively
4. 2 mile cool down at about 9:00/mile pace

As you can see, I touched it all and in total, the workout was just a shade under an hour from start to finish.

In regards to the mango, that is what I blended up and added to my water today.  It tastes good and today's edition of the #onegallonchallenge is a lot easier than the last couple days.  I'm sure that is partly due to that fact that I am getting used to it, but also because the mango water is the best tasting so far.  

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