Monday, February 9, 2015

02/09/2015 6.5 miler and 250 reps

Sometimes, a workout just feels more productive than others.  I hooked up some AthleteonFire on my head phones and cruised a comfortable hour long run for about 6.5 miles.  I then immediately jumped into the following 250 rep circuit of these exercises, with no rest between or during:

50 push ups
50 air squats
50 jumping jacks
50 dips on a chair
50 box jumps

I was sweating and feeling real warm at the end of the run.  However, I wasn't even done with the air squats and I was dripping with sweat and seriously tired.  I am going to try and combo some of the run days instead of devoting whole workouts to strength stuff.  I just don't think I am that guy, even though I know there is a real benefit to it.  Hopefully, this will be a more seamless transition to adding strength exercises and tighten up the flab :)

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