Monday, January 26, 2015

01/26/2015 Happy Birthday 6.5-7 mile run, NYC thoughts & motivation from Sean Pinney

Today I turn 41 years old.  Yikes!  Whatever, I haven't ever really cared about getting old.  I think this is because I started running around 32-34 years of age so I have been in better shape since then.  I would characterize my low point fitness-wise between the ages of 21-28 sadly.  Consequently, I don't have much to bitch about.  

Over the weekend, and pretty much since I entered the lottery, I have been thinking a lot about the NYC marathon.  I really want to run it and to do well doing so.  I spoke briefly over text with a friend, Sean Pinney (read about Sean here), this weekend.  We shared our hopes of running NYC 2015 together and our woes of weak training lately.  As a doctor, he's a bit busy sometimes :)  As a cold weather wimp, I haven't fully committed to the training I want to do.  But we both enjoy it and Sean has run multiple NYC's.

As I ran today, my 6.5-7 miler felt great, exhilarating, and even though inside, satisfying.  Consequently, I am going to rely on simply enjoyment of running to make sure I keep up with it.  Sean, I am committing and I am using you as my motivation to get to NYC fully trained and to hold me accountable.  

By the way, Sean doesn't know I am laying this on him, but he's a good sport.  

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Sean Pinney said...

Happy Birthday, Brian, and back at you. The fact that you have kept up your training fired me up. I'm getting back on track. Three days in a row and feeling good. Here's to the 2 of us running the NYC marathon this year!