Sunday, January 11, 2015

01/11/2015 1 hour Performance Training at Rise Fitness

On the suggestion and invitation by my buddy Jason, I tried a Performance Training class this morning at Rise Fitness in Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey.  You can check out a video example of the class here.  Basically, led by the trainer Josiah, we worked non stop (we had 2 water breaks about 2 minutes each total) through a series of exercises that worked us head to toe.  The website description of the class is as follows:

"A total body workout blending: cardio, strength training, agility, balance, yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, medicine ball, stability ball, ladder drills, JC bands, TRX, and more. This is a class for those who love to work hard, challenges themselves, looking to improve; there will be grunting. This is the most efficient, total body training."

I have to say I was wiped out at the end. It was an awesome, total body workout. It was a great way to supplement my running and get in a completely different hour of exercise. I did some cool exercises for the first time, tested myself in a variety of methods, and really exposed some flaws I need to work on. What else could I ask for?  

Some other observations of Rise Fitness:

1.  Super clean place, full of great equipment.
2.  The trainer, Josiah, was knowledgeable and well-paced.
3.  A non intimidating atmosphere.

On the whole, it was a great class and I look forward to squeezing another in on my free trial week.  If you live in the area and go to the website, you can sign up online for a free week and take a couple classes.  Also, they have some promotional buys going on right now for the new year and offer a couple different ways to join from minimally to all in.  Give it a shot, if you can handle it!

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