Wednesday, January 7, 2015

01/07/2015 The "Office" workout, 21 minutes total

After work, I did my strength training as I had planned on, but a little differently than I originally intended.  As I stated earlier, I fully intended to do a workout I found in Runner's World this month.  It looks like an awesome, full body workout with basically nothing needed.  As I looked at the article a bit more, I liked it, but found it overwhelming.  There are 13 different exercises, with about 18 different pieces to each.  I would have spent more time reading in between exercising that I would have been more annoyed than tired.

Consequently, I went ultra minimalist for my workout.  I warmed up for 5 minutes, the did about 11 minutes working out, then a 5 minute cool down.  I called it the "office" workout because as I was doing it, I could picture someone doing it in the office, without the need for a lot of space or any equipment.  As a runner, this was a great basic workout that will supplement my running.  Here it is:

5 minute jog warm up (if in the office, jumping jacks)

Then the following 4 exercises for 30 seconds each, rest for 30 seconds at the end of a set:

Push ups
Air squats
Planks, alternate front and sides
Lunge & twists, return up, no travelling

I finished up with 5 minutes jump rope (in the office, jumping jacks)

I would aim to do between 3-5 sets of the exercises.  Combine that with the 5 minute warm up and the 5 minute cool down and you have yourself a great workout in no time, using no equipment!

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