Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10/2014 Mile repeats, 5 miles total workout

Mile repeats hurt.  I just finished up a set of three mile repeats and I am done.  After a mile warm up jog, I did the 3 repeats and finished with a cool down mile.  In between the mile repeats, I only rested for 90 seconds.  

This is how the workout looked broken down:

Warm up mile
Mile 1-6:40
90 second rest
Mile 2-6:20
90 second rest
Mile 3-6:13
90 second rest 
Cool down mile

Typically, research shows that if you are applying mile repeats as a workout leading up to shorter races like 5K/10K, you shorten the rest so your anaerobic threshold increases.  If you are training for a longer race like a 13.1 or 26.2, you raise the number of repeats and the rest periods while lowering the pace.  Since I am trying to gauge where I am fitness wise heading into a 5K next weekend, I wanted to see what I could bang out with short rests.

Although I am not in the shape I was last fall, I am now confident I can go under 20:00 next weekend.  That is all I can ask for right now.  If I had another month to train, I could probably get down to 19:30ish, but I am happy where I am headed.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

10/09/2014 5.25 miles, comfortable pace

After listening to Scott Jones talking to Matt Fitzgerald the other day about the 80/20 Running and the need to run comfort paces and plan for hard efforts, I have been thinking more and more about longevity.  I plan to run as long as I am still breathing.  Consequently, I need to make sure my body can survive.  

I won't say that all of a sudden I am just going to dive into this whole theory and run strictly on an 80/20 program.  However, I do recognize the need for easy, comfortable days of running.  It bodes well for my future to be smart with my body and rest when needed, jog when needed, and supplement with hard workouts.

Today, I ran a 45 minute run and finished up about 5.25 miles.  The pace is just about 8:35/mile and I am happy with it.  Tomorrow I will be running mile repeats and it will be my hard effort day I will look to maximize.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/08/2014 Half hour walk post 15 miler

I love to follow up a long run the day before with a walk of around 30-45 minutes. It helps loosen up the whole body and I can get in the mindset or what's coming up in my next workouts.  After completing the 15 miler, my body was slightly sore in the right places and pain free besides.

Also, after putting together a few long runs over the last month or so, I feel good about fueling during my runs again. I'm not a big fan of fueling but I realize the importance and I just deal with it. It helps to be consistent because I can tolerate it better.

Finally, I have been really lucky weather wise lately. It has been absolutely perfect during all my runs and walks over the last couple weeks. It certainly helps getting workouts in and enjoying them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/07/2014 15 mile long run

There is something aboutt finishing a long run that is satisfying.  Besides the obvious training benefits I mean.  Setting a goal for the day, going out alone in most cases, and banging out a somewhat monotonous run over 2 hours in length is great. 

Today's 15 mile run is my longest run in months and I held a pace of 8:20/mile over the course of the run.  My fastest splits were 8:04 and 8:05 and my slowest mile splits were 8:40 and 8:44.  For the most part, I was locked into a middle range and held pace pretty well.  

The fitness is building.  It's time to build speed.  My plan for Friday is to do 3 mile repeats at a slightly slower pace, just under 7:00/mile pace.  I had been putting up screaming numbers in my pace for my previous speed work and I think it was inhibiting the amount I was able to complete.  I want to dial it back and lengthen the workout Friday.

Enjoy the day and get out for a run.  At least here, it is beautiful.

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/06/2014 5 miler, slowing down with @athleteonfire and @mattfitwriter

While running today I listened to a podcast on with Matt Fitzgerald.  He ia a runner, writer, coach, etc.  Basically he is a brilliant mind in the world of running, nutrition, training, and more.  He writes a ton of articles for a lot of premier websites and publications.  He also has a few books out, including his newest, 80/20 Running.  You can check him out at and @mattfitwriter.

I ran 5 miles today in around 44 minutes while listening to Matt and Scott talk about several topics, mainly 80/20 Running.  It is basically the research based training idea that 80% of your running should be done at a slow pace/low effort.  The remaining 20% would then be done at a hard effort.

I will not get into too much, but it's good listening and I love to hear lots of info so I can decide how I want to proceed with my own training.  I look forward to reading the book.

I kept it light today in my own 5 miler mainly because tomorrow is going to be the 15 miler I missed last week.  

P.S.  My diet needs an overhaul:)