Friday, October 3, 2014

10/03/2014 Fast afternoon 5 miler

I dropped the speedwork idea today as I was a little crunched for time and truthfully couldn't get into the idea of intervals.  Instead, I ran a fast 5 miles today.  I started off with a first mile of about 8:00.  Then I ran the next 4 miles in 30:20.  The pace of the final 4 miles ends up at about 7:35/mile.  

A solid quick run and if I feel like it, I might jump on the bike or treadmill tonight and get a second workout of the day in.  I am definitely ramping up the fitness and will be doing a run or two this weekend and absolutely running 15 miles on Tuesday.  I had planned to do my step back in 2 weeks, however, since I was only able to get in 8 miles last Tuesday, I simply used that as my step down week and I am moving forward again.  No harm done.  Enjoy the weekend.  If you are racing this weekend, good luck!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

09/30/2014 Change of plans, 8 miles, listening to @athleteonfire

Well, sometimes plans change.  I had enough time for a quality run, but not of the length I was going to run.  That being said, an 8 mile run done at 7:49/mile pace satisfies me for the start of the day.  If I can jump on the treadmill tonight and bang out another 6-8 miles then todays will be a super productive day.  If not, I will be back at it tomorrow.  

On a side not, I had gotten away from listening to anything for the last month or so during my runs.  Sometimes I am really into listening to stuff and sometimes I simply like to be alone in my thoughts (or my empty head:).  This morning, I downloaded a bunch of material from Scott Jones at and caught up with some WW shows. 

I know I have said it before, but seriously check it out.  Scott has some great content.  He really makes me want to get after it.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

09/29/2014 Morning 5 mile run

Start the week off with a 5 mile run in 42:30, good for a pace of 8:30/mile.  November will need to be my race month I think, based on my fitness.  I plan on doing the Wyckoff 5K in a couple weeks, but I need some more training.  I am going to start looking for some options to train towards in November.  As I look ahead to the next 3 weeks, I am going to progress this week and next week in my long run and my overall mile per week.  However, the week of October 6th to the 12th, I plan to back off a bit.  I haven't done that in the last month or so and it is an important part of fitness and injury prevention.

The foot thing is ongoing.  Nothing new on that development.  I must say though, with the increase in mileage, I am having to not be feeling any adverse affects on the foot.  I really do not think it has anything to do with it, however, up until about a month and a half ago (give or take), I had been a religious follower of glucosamine chondroitin pills twice a day.  While on vacation and since being back, I have been really hit or miss.  I am going to make a conscious effort to get back and follow that intake precisely.  By the way, Target brand is cheap and contains the same amounts of Glucosamine and Chondroitin as all the major brands.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

09/28/2014 Back on the treadmill, 6 miler

I was back on the treadmill for a workout tonight.  This must be the first treadmill run I have done in months.  I didn't miss the garage, but I did enjoy 2 parts of my workout tonight.

First, it is nice to now have a television and a dvd player to use while on the treadmill.  I no longer have to stare at concrete blocks.  Now I can watch dvds of old episodes of Saved by the Bell.  Not really.

Second, it is nice to pick a pace and set the incline and simply run.  Without having to overanalyze how fast I'm running, I can just get on and go.  I ran a solid 6 miles tonight at an 8:00/mile pace.  I set the incline at 2.5% and I was off.  Or on I guess, the treadmill.  

This is a big week coming up.  The week is going to hopefully breakdown like this:

Monday--5 or 6 miles
Tuesday--14ish miles
Wednesday--Walking, maybe stationary bike
Thursday--5 or 6 miles