Friday, September 12, 2014

09/12/2014 4 mile run, TGIF!

First full week back at school is coming to a close.  I have to say, it went fast.  Today is a beautiful day outside and I was lucky enough to get in a great 4mile run in.  These are the days a runner should live for.  70's, sunny and a little breeze.It may be warmer than some runners like, but it felt perfect for me.  I ran each mile a bit faster today.  It broke down like this:

Mile 1-8:25/mile
Mile 2-8:21/mile
Mile 3-8:19/mile
Mile 4-7:55/mile

I have to say as September starts to roll along, I know what's coming.  Cooler weather, falling leaves, Halloween, and ....winter.  Anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm not a fan.  However, I plan to take advantage of the good weather as long as I can.  I also plan to train through the weather better than ever.  Next spring, I would like to have my base set early so I can progress into some good race performances right away.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

09/11/2014 5 miler on a tough day

Ever since September 11th, 2001, I have a tough day of conflicted feelings on 9/11.  Living so close to the city and seeing the smoke, knowing people who lost loved ones, and living the aftermath for so long, it's is tough and I will never move on during this one day of the year.

I ran 5 miles today and thought about 9/11 every step.  It took me a little over 40 minutes, my pace was about 8:09/mile.  I just kind of ran and wasn't worried about how long it took me.

I do feel a little better after running.  I fully believe that running can help the body, mind, and spirit.  I encourage any of you to enjoy a run today, or any day that simply sucks for you.  It isn't often that people regret going for a run, but they often regret not going.

Every year, I watch video, look and pictures, and listen to audio from that day.  The reason why is simple.  I will never forget, forgive, or lessen my thoughts about that day and the people involved in that terroristic event.  I hope you all feel the same.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

09/10/2014 30 minute walk, no wildlife

Benefits of Walking
I stretched the legs this morning on a 30 minute walk.  I was on the lookout for my deer buddies, but nothing today.  I did wake up to some heel pain and I do kind of think it may be some of that inflammation shown in the picture I randomly found for the post I put up.  

It might be a good idea to jump on a consistent dose of Aleve to try and relieve the swelling and pain.  I am not going to run today, but the walk felt good.  I may ride the bike later to continue to get some exercise.

I had planned to jump some rope today, but that seems like it would be a bad choice right now.  Sometimes, a walk and a little rest makes sense and still gets you some exercise.

Check out the link in the caption of the photo for an article on the benefits of walking.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

09/09/2014 Afternoon 5 miler with deer

Today I got to run with some wildlife.  As I turned a corner about 2.5 miles into my run, I looked up to see two bucks staring at me.  Both 6 pointers, they looked then trotted a little farther away.  I then caught up, they stared, and finally trotted into the woods.  I will say, for a second I thought I was going to be a part of one of those videos about when animals strike.  They didn't seem overly scared of me.  However, I escaped unscathed.

Don't worry, these aren't the deer!
Before I went out for my run, I rolled out both feet with the lacrosse ball.  I have to say that it makes my feet feel good to do.  They feel more responsive and less like creaky old man feet.  I am making this part of my running routine.  

The heel pain is much better.  I do have some arch pain, but I think that's because I stepped on a black walnut with full force yesterday and it hurt a bit.  I will live through these injuries apparently, so I'm letting them go.

I ran 5 miles today and I upped the pace quite a bit.  Yesterday I did 6.5 miles at 9:13/mile pace for an hour.  The 5 miler I just finished I ran at 7:49/mile pace to finish up in 39:05.  As I focus on a lot during my running, varied paces do a lot for your mind and your body.

Monday, September 8, 2014

09/08/2014 Slow 6.5 mile jog

I just finished up a nice 6.5 mile run and it took me literally an hour on the dot.  That breaks down to 9:13/mile pace if I remember correctly.  It was a significant run for two reasons.  First, I have not run for this amount of time since the middle of July.  Second, I specifically slowed myself down so that I could run that amount of time and completely enjoy it.  I was not really concerned with how many miles I ended with.  I just really wanted to be on my feet for a solid hour.  Mission accomplished.

One topic of note however, was a decent amount of heel pain I had in the last 1-2 miles.  I have been feeling some serious soreness in my right heel since Saturday morning and I do not know where it is coming from.  My arch is also sore and I do not know if its a muscle band or what.  When I finished the run, I spent about 5-10 minutes rolling a lacrosse ball under both feet.  It was sore as hell on the right foot, but it did feel better afterwards.  I plan on rolling my feet out a couple times a days for the next week or so.  

The picture I found talks about tendon pain and the need for rest.  We will see!