Monday, August 25, 2014

08/25/2014 Stationary bike workout

As planned, I hopped on the stationary bike for a high speed spin.  After a couple days in a row of running, I wanted to rest the body in one respect, but still get a workout in.  A forty-five minute session with no tension gave a me a good workout with no joint stress.  

The only real problem stemmed from the fact that I haven't been on the bike in about a month in a half, maybe two.  My a@# was not used to that seat and it is sore!

Tomorrow, a longer run and a rest for my butt.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

08/23/2014 and 08/24/2014 A couple afternoon 4.5 mile runs

My simple 4.5 mile run that I do always is a great run.  It's the perfect jog distance.  It has some hills, up and down, and I find it an easy run to get in.  At the longest, it only takes me about 40 minutes.  I have run it at a lot of different paces and I have even done it as a Fartlek.  When we got back from Cape Cod yesterday and put a ton of stuff away and got the house together, it was a great choice get myself moving for about 35-40 minutes.  

It was good to get a sweat in and stretch the legs out after being in the car for 5 hours as well.  I didn't bother with my watch as I haven't been out in awhile, but I think I was around an 8:30/mile pace.  I really didn't care.  At this point, it is simply about ramping up the miles again.  

That was yesterday and today I thought, "What the hell.  I'll do the same run today."  Today however, I slowed it down to about 8:45/mile pace.  I was glad to get in two runs in two days.  Tomorrow I will take off and do some high speed bike at night.  Back to the running on Tuesday and I plan to lengthen the distance a bit.

08/09/2014-08/23/2014 wrapping up the last 2 weeks

Pirate's Cove, Yarmouth, Ma.
I just finished up the best two weeks of the year.  Cape Cod vacation 2014 was everything I waited the whole year for and more.  We ate lost of ice cream, went to the beach a lot, I ate seafood, and made a ton of memories.  Every year, vacation ends up being the most difficult time for me in regards to running.  There are just so many things I would rather be doing with Maura and the kids (we had ice cream at 5 different places in 2 weeks!).  

The funny thing is, in the past I would stress about not running.  I would think about it constantly.  However, this year I let it go and enjoyed myself, knowing that I could kick it into gear when I got home.

I was able to get some biking in on most days though as I would drop Maura and the kids at the beach, drive back to the house, then bike down so we didn't have to lock into a beach pass for the car.  Then when we were ready to wrap it up, I rode back to the house and got the car to pick them up in.  It was a nice 1.5-2.0 mile ride each way so I got to stretch the legs.  I also did some riding sporadically in the afternoon with the kids.  

Time to get after it and finally decide on some races!