Friday, July 11, 2014

07/11/2014 4 mile recovery run

I slowed it down today and ran it comfortably in the 8:0/mile range. I didn't use my watch (forgot it) and simply ran a little slower today to stretch the legs and get a jog in.

Although I was initially annoyed that I had forgotten my watch, I let it go and ran for comfort.  It does feel good once in awhile to not think about the time at all.

Looking ahead, I plan to get in one more decent length run, maybe 7-8 miles this weekend. Next week, I want to run monday, Wednesday, and Friday and keep them at all 3-4 mile jogs.

I want to be 100% fresh next Saturday.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

07/10/2014 3 mile tempo run

A 3 mile tempo rub today made decent use of my lunch hour. After a 1/2 mile warm up, I ran the next 3 miles at a 7:00/mile pace.

I have broken down the basics of my running into three categories.  Distance, intensity (speed), and frequency make up the basic foundation of my training.

Today, I focused on intensity for one of the last times before my race. As I get closer to next saturday, intensity and distance will decrease. However, frequency will remain the same.

It is important to stay committed and fresh going into a race. This is why I take the pressure of the body by relieving intensity and distance. However, I still run often to keep my mind focused.

9 days to go.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

07/09/2014 6.6 Miler, quick pace

I took yesterday off to recover from a couple decent runs and workouts in the recent week. Today, I had a long lunch so I hit a 6.6 mile run with hills in just over 50 minutes. I ran roughly a 7.35/mile pace.

The temperature is about 90 degrees today so I am certainly getting in some good runs in the heat. I don't forsee an issue with heat or fueling in my race coming up.

My 12 miler the other day was fueled with Gatorade and I didn't feel sluggish after the whole 1:40 even.

10 days until my event!

Monday, July 7, 2014

07/07/2014 Shakeout 3.5 mile run

Simple plan today. A quick 3.5 mile run to clear out the muscles and loosen up. After last night's 12 mile run, I was a bit sore and tight in the lower body this morning. The good thing was that there were no real warning signs of injuries or anything significant. It took me about 28 minutes, give or take, to run the 3.5 miles.

I am now less than 2 weeks away from the run up south mountain at Mountain Creek.  I am getting antsy now, I can't wait to get on the hill.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

07/06/2014 12 mile long run on hills with @athleteonfire and fellow New Jerseyan Nick Bautista

After two days off from running and some fresh legs, I was interested to see how a good long, hilly run would go.  I set out tonight to run a double loop of my normal 6 mile run and stretch the legs out farther than I had been able to in a couple weeks.  

It was immediately evident that two days off had done me some good.  My legs were fresh and I felt comfortable settling right into a solid pace.

The details and highlights of the run are as follows:

12.3 miles in 1:40:55

8:10/mile pace

7:33/mile was my fastest mile (mile 2), 8:45/mile was my slowest (mile 5)

3 of the last 5 miles were under 8:00/mile

Overall, I am super happy with the run.  If I hadn't run out of daylight completely, I could have run at least another 3 miles, probably another full 6 mile loop.  I sipped Gatorade after the first couple miles then drank some Powerade Zero at 6 miles and back to Gatorade at 9 miles.  

On a side note, I got back to the podcasts and listened to AthleteonFire and Scott Jones talking with fellow New Jersey guy Nick Bautista.  Nick just finished up a small ultra in Vermont.  He ran 500 mile in 9 days and 5 hours.  As soon as I got over the embarrassment of trying to get through 12 miles when he ran 500, I used it as motivation and it was a great podcast.

To finish the night, I am wearing my compression socks now as I am a bit sore.  Time for some watermelon.  Hopefully, a shake out run tomorrow of around 4 miles.