Thursday, July 3, 2014

07/03/2014 Afternoon run and Happy 4th!

It's a hot one today. I ran my 3.5 mile run during lunch and kept it at a comfortable pace. I was not specifically trying to run fast or slow. I simply wanted to be comfortable. The details are: 

3.5 miles in 27:14

That is a 7:40/mile pace. Obviously,  as my fitness increases, I will see my comfort pace drop. I would say that as of a few weeks ago, my comfort pace that I could maintain for 5-7 miles was probably 8:20/mile. I would say that it is currently about 7:45/mile.

Happy 4th of July everyone!  God Bless the U.S.A.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

07/01/2014 PM 30 minute climb and 15 minute fast/flat

Wow, it is a bit stuffy in the garage!  My big "plan," tonight was to get in a second run of the day and make it to intervals of a climb and flat run.  This would simulate the race in a couple weeks because it's a direct climb of about 1.5 miles and 1100' up, followed be about 1.5 miles down and a loss of the same 1100'.  

I am going to attempt to average 40-45 minute up and down loops.  This will allow me to reach and maybe exceed my goal of 12 miles in the 3 hour time limit.  Tonight, I was able to get in 1 loop of the 30 minute climb and 15 minute flat run.  I think between the fast 6 miles last night, the fast 4 miles this morning and the seriously hot garage conditions, I am just done.  

Tomorrow is a little off day with some old man softball to clear the mind and get in some sprints.  Back at it on Thursday.

07/01/2014 4 miler at lunch, and I Believe!

I am blessed in the summer to have a great work schedule and a helpful wife!  I have the ability to get in a lunch time run of 3-6 miles, depending on speed and how quick I get out the door from work.

Today, I kept it at a quick 4 mile run in 29:30.  It's a rolling run, nothing terrible, but a little hilly. The pace works out to about 7:20/mile.

Coming off of a fast 6 mile run with hills last night, I felt good.  I was a little tired, but happy to work hard.

Finally, today at 4pm eastern time,  the United States will be taking on Belgium in the elimination round of the world cup. Its quite simple, "I believe that we will win!"

Wherever you are today, just keep screaming that out loud.

Monday, June 30, 2014

06/30/2014 PM 6 miler, negative split

Tonight, I had planned to run a good 12 miles, but ran out of sunlight.  Instead, I was feeling fresh after a couple of days off, so I decided mid-run to go with a negative split 6 miler.

I started my normal 6 mile run route which features a lot of hills, both up and down.  The mile breakdown went as follows:

Mile 1-  8:47
Mile 2-  7:43
Mile 3-  8:03
Mile 4-  8:05
Mile 5-  7:56
Mile 6-  7:11

Elevation wise, the breakdown of the run is that miles 1 and 5 are just about all uphill, miles 2 and 6 are primarily downhill, and the middle miles of 3 and 4 are basically flat.  

I am most happy about mile 5 tonight because it is literally all uphill and I was able to keep it under an 8:00/mile pace.  

Tomorrow, I will get in a longer run (hopefully) and a smaller run as well.