Friday, June 20, 2014

06/20/2014 Evening bike workout

Workout number two of the day was a 30 minute high speed bike ride tonight.  The legs felt pretty fresh coming off of an 8 mile run this morning.  As I get closer to the 3 hour event in July, I want to begin taxing my legs a lot in the next two weeks to build some strength.  When you work on already fatigued legs, it benefits you greatly, provided you then allow for a rest period.  

In the coming days, I will look to do multiple runs as well as some significant hill work during these runs.  

06/20/2014 AM 8 mile jog

I truly don't ever really jog at complete comfort pace I realize now.  I often run faster than jog pace for one reason or another.  I sometimes am limited for time, or I want to get a strong effort in, or sometimes, I just feel like running hard.  Today, I set out to really just enjoy a jog.  I only looked at my watch occasionally and just jogged for 8 miles.  It took me about 1:15 and it felt great.  I don't remember the last time I ran at a 9:25ish pace per mile.  It felt great though.  

The only reason I settled on 8 miles was because I was getting down to around the time I had to stop and always like to finish with a solid number.  It's just my thing.  Today wasn't about mileage, it was about effort and time.  Plus, it is beautiful out and I enjoyed it more than if I was out busting my a$$.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

06/18/2014 AM recovery walk

The two methods that I use a lot to recover from long runs and from increased amount of running include high speed spinning on a stationary bike and walking.  I definitely notice a difference when I utilize either after running a lot.  I feel like it clears my muscles of toxins, loosens me up, and just makes me feel fresh again.

Today, I walked quickly for about 1/2 an hour.  I would estimate I was somewhere around 2 miles, but it doesn't matter.  After running twice yesterday, both being strong 4 milers, I feel great today post walk.  

Tonight, I play old man softball and will get some fast running in and unintentional speed work.  It's nothing huge, but I get a good sweat in running for balls, on the bases, etc.  Cross training at its weakest!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

06/17/2014 PM Workout, 4 mile progression run

My personal model
Tonight, for my second run of the day, I did a 4 mile progression run.  I haven't spoken about it in awhile, but my Nike Sportswatch makes all of my runs informative.  Most of the time, I am reflecting post run at all my inofrmation.  However, there is a wealth of knowledge available real time just a click away during your run.  Time elapsed, pace, distance, current mile, and more.  The breakdown by mile looked like this:

Mile 1-  8:33/mile
Mile 2-  8:00/mile
Mile 3-  7:50/mile
Mile 4-  7:25/mile

This progression from slower to faster miles is great for two reasons.  First, it allows me to warm up a little in the first mile to shake out the muscles from the earlier run of the day.  It loosens me up and helps me avoid pulling anything and lets me check how my body feels going into run #2 of the day.

Second, it trains your legs to perform at the end of races, when they are already tired.  Even though it was only 4 miles, miles 3 and 4 are harder because I dropped time each mile.  The final mile was done at 7:25/mile pace.  This is not a blistering pace, but take into account that each mile got faster and also that I did a 4 mile fast run earlier in the day.  

6/17/2014 Afternoon fast 4 miler

I was able to get out for a quick 4 mile run in the full afternoon sun today.  I only had about 35 minutes to run so I went out quick and finished in about 30:36 seconds for the 4 miles.  A pace of about 7:36/mile.  The sun is in full effect and today was a good step towards heat acclimation for the run next month.  It is hot, it felt hot, and it sapped me of a lot of strength.  It is also a good reminder for me to make sure the food and drink I am taking in will support me through my workouts in this heat.

Today's weather forecast at run time:

85 degrees
56% humidity
UV index 8 (very high)
Full sun

6/17/2014 AM walk and what a headache

I had a headache from last night at around 5pm until today at about 10:30am.  I took Aleve last night, nothing.  I took Advil this morning, nothing.

I started a fast walk at 10:30 and my headache was gone as fast as Clint Dempsey's goal yesterday (Go American Outlaws!!).  I don't know if it was coincidence or the beginning of a walk, but I am happy to be rid of that headache.

I was able to walk about 2 miles (give or take) in about 30 minutes fast walking.  My main workout will come from a run in a little bit, I just had a half hour before so I figured I would move the legs.

Monday, June 16, 2014

06/16/2014 7 mile run with strong legs and a bad stomach

Lebron and the FIFA World Cup can keep their Powerade.  It does not agree with me as a method of refueling.  I ran 7 miles at a pace of about 7:44/mile.  It totaled up at about 1:01 for the distance.  My legs felt great, I was strong and was enjoying the run until about 5 miles in when the Powerade started to hit my guts.  
I have tried Gu gels, Clif Shots, ShotBloks, Gatorade, Gatorade G2, Hammer, and other fuels with no problems.  Today was the first time I used Powerade during my run.  Also, today will be the last time I fuel with Powerade as well!

This brings up a good point because with a lot of people, fueling can be a key to success in races or a method of downfall.  Had I been racing today, I would have been in trouble.  It is important to try different things out.  Gatorades and Hammer drinks work good for me, but maybe you do better with Powerade or some other endurance formula.  Try some out and not just for taste.  It is important that it agrees with your stomach.  I happen to like Powerade for taste more than Gatorade, but it doesn't like me.  

It's also possible to go natural with things like fruit.  I like watermelon chunks during a long race.  It is important to be careful about acidity and consumption amounts though.