Thursday, May 22, 2014

05/22/2014 PM 45 minute Fartlek run

Fartlek what?  A Fartlek run is a specific type of training run that is very popular and very beneficial to runners of all abilities.  The easiest way to describe a Fartlek is to jog at a comfortable pace and every once in awhile, add a surge in speed for a short period of time.  It could be a 15-30 second burst or up to a couple minutes at a higher speed.  After your burst of speed, relax back into your comfortable jog/run pace.  As I was doing my run tonight, it reminded me of the way my kindergarteners and 1st graders run in the gym.  It is never an even pace no matter how many times I explain, beg, plead, etc.  

If you watch them run, these students jog, sprint, jog, look around, sprint really fast, walk, jog a little, etc., repeat over and over.  A first grader that does a 5 minute run in my gym probably hits about 7 different paces in that short period of time.  This isn't exactly a perfect example of a Fartlek, but kind of.

The great thing about the concept of a Fartlek is that anyone of any level can do it.  If you don't have the fitness for long stretches of speed, run fast to the next telephone pole, or the end of the block.  If you are on a track, jog the corners and sprint the straight aways, or vice versa.  A Fartlek run really can and should fit into anyone's training routine.  

Good luck and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

05/21/2014 PM 8 mile run

Tonight, I had an 8 mile run at a pace of 8:00/mile.  I hadn't stretched it out in a little bit and felt strong starting.  Interestingly, I began to get a cramp about 2 miles in and carried it for just about the remaining 6 miles.  I am lucky in that I generally do not get cramps, or side stitches, whatever you like to call them.  About 1-2 times per year, that's about it.  

Looking back at the run, I could probably stretch it out to 13-15 miles, so I feel good about where I am at.  Two things on the agenda for the rest of the week, a strong Fartlek run, a homemade foam roller.  

Later tonight or tomorrow, I will be going to Facebook to look for your thoughts on your favorite tunes to run/workout to.  Please fill me in on what you like when the time comes and I look forward to compiling the info I get and posting a list of your top selections.