Saturday, May 3, 2014

05/03/2014 PM Negative Split 4 Miler

After a wonderful First Communion for Megan today and the party to follow (super well planned by Maura), I had a good 4 miler with a negative split.

For those that aren't familiar, a negative split simply means doing the second half of your run faster than the first half.  I am a big fan of the negative split run mainly for the aerobic gains, but also for the challenge.  

I ran the first two miles at a pace of 8:15/mile.  At the 16:30 mark, I dropped the pace to 7:45/mile.  Overall, it equated to a 4 mile run in 32 minutes, an 8:00/mile pace.  However, I slow it down to start and speed it up to end and it makes it a stronger run.

Friday, May 2, 2014

05/02/2014 Quick 4 miler

I didn't have a lot of time this afternoon so I had to squeeze in a fast 4 mile run.  It is beautiful outside and I am gaining more and more momentum and motivation for a variety of reasons.  Consequently, I didn't want to lose the chance for a run in the sun.  Here is how my 4 miler looked broken down:

Mile 1--8:00/mile
Mile 2--7:52/mile
Mile 3--7:38/mile
Mile 4--7:06/mile

I finished up in 30:39 total and am happy to have gotten in a quick run.  Looking to double up today and get in a night workout.  We will see if that comes to reality!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

95/01/2014 AM 5+ Mile run

I just finished up a 5+ Mile run over the last 45 minutes. As I ran, I listened to a couple podcast episodes from Scott Jones at AthleteonFire. It helps pass the time and I get some good information from Scott in small pieces.

In terms of motivation, I enjoy following elites from various running communities and drawing some stuff from what they go through and do.

After a couple solid days of rain, motivation is easy right now. However, I find more and more that motivation is a fluid concept that changes for most people. It isn't common that "normal" people carry the same intense amount of self motivation that elite athletes do.

So, how do you work through that?

04/30/2014 pm 4 mile run

Tonight's 4 mile run was done at a pace of around 8:30-8:40/mile. I finished up 4 miles in about 34-35 minutes.  I upped incline every few minutes starting from 2.5% and ending after 34 minutes up at 4.5% 

I kept the run simple In anticipation of a solid 5-8 miler on Thursday.

My thoughts during the run turned to inspiration and motivation, etc. In the coming days, I will post more about the subject. It's complex and often evolves/changes over time. But, where does it stem from?

Monday, April 28, 2014

04/28/2014 PM 5 mile run

That felt good.  I just wrapped up a 5 mile run in 37:39.  I used my Nike Sportswatch to keep track and averaged 7:31/mile for my run.  I especially like that when I connect it to my computer, it lets me see the route, mileage totals, as well as the breakdown of what I ran each mile in.  

I finished my run today with mile 5 at a pace of 7:22/mile.  More often than not, I finish fast.  I think it's because I get bored on some routes, so I speed it up to be done.

My apologies for being so sporadic lately.  I have been super busy lately with life and I am done with the treadmill for the season.  I cannot stomach it at this point.  I need days like today.  Sunny and at least not freezing.

Also, I listened to AthleteonFire today as I ran.  Scott does a great job talking with elites in a variety of sports and relating it to mere mortals and gives us normals some takeaways for fitness, business, and life.  Check it out.