Friday, April 18, 2014

04/18/2014 PM 5 mile negative split run

Nothing special tonight, I jumped on the treadmill and got in a 45 minute run.  I averaged about 9:00/mile for the first 20 minutes, then dropped down to about 8:00/mile for the last 25 minutes.  

Overall, I put in about 5.25-5.4 miles at an incline of 2.5%.  It is nearly three months to the day from the Running with the Devil event I plan to do.  I better get running!

Monday, April 14, 2014

04/14/2014 PM 5 mile run

It's beautiful outside again.  Could spring finally be here?  I hope so.  I was able to get in a 5 mile run at a pace of 8:31/mile.  I was really just running by feel.  

I did use my Nike Sportswatch (still awesome!) but I really just used it at the end for a set of totals, mileage and speed.  I don't refer to it mid run yet.  I will start to do that more when I am doing tempo runs in the near future and speed sessions, like 400, 800, and 1 mile repeats.  For now, I am just looking for miles and time totals.

I will say, it is windy out there.  Even though it is a warm wind, constant wind in your face, on your side, back, everywhere, is tiring.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

04/13/2014 PM 5 Mile Treadmill Run

Today I was able to get in a 5 mile run on the treadmill.  It felt good to get in a run and not be cold doing it.  I can get bored very easily on the treadmill so I rarely just get on it and run.  Tonight was no exception.  I did the following negative split run with a varied incline.

Mile 1-  8:20/mile at 2.5% incline
Mile 2-  8:20/mile at 5.0% 
Mile 3-  7:45/mile at 2.5% 
Mile 4-  7:45/mile at 5.0%
Mile 5-  7:45/mile at 2.5%

Coming off of being sick for at least a week and a half, I finally felt good with my chest and didn't suffer during the run.  The legs were fresh and I look forward to being healthy and getting some fitness built up again.