Saturday, March 8, 2014

03/08/2014 PM Training Run

I was able to settle a lot of concerns today that I had with my running fitness.  I got out for a great 7.6 mile run as it is in the high 50's here.  Awesome!  I did my normal 6.1 mile run and tacked on an additional 1.5 miles on the end because I was feeling strong.  It is a good hilly run and I banged it out in 59:50.  Thank you Nike +Sportswatch for the information.  That breaks down to a 7:48/mile pace over the course of the 7.6 miles.

I am particularly happy because I ran the last mile at a pace of about 7:20/mile.  I also felt like I could have gone another couple miles if I wanted to.  However, I am happy and didn't want to push it since this was my third day running in a row.  

Tomorrow will be a good rest day to end the week so that I can start next week off on Monday strong.  The weather is supposedly going to cooperate and be at least in the 40's next week so that should allow me to get in 4-5 runs.  

Overall, the nutrition, the cross training, and the runs I have been able to get in seem to be paying off.  I do not think I have been in this good of shape this early in the year ever.  Hopefully this bodes well for my racing later in the year.

Over the next few days, I plan to solidify at least 4-5 races I want to do this year.  I will post these decisions soon.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Comments, Comments, Comments...

Well, this blog is a work in progress.  Sometimes it feels like I am writing to an audience of crickets, but hey, it's a growth process.  As I research ways to increase productivity and draw readers, I learned a valuable tip that I now have taken advantage of.  

It is now possible to leave comments for articles, posts, recipes, etc. without signing into google, or any other account.  I know from experience that can be annoying.  Also, please forward posts or email them to people, help me get out there!

So what does this mean?  Easy, all three of you that read this blog will find it much quicker to write me and tell me how awesome I am!

Simple, Great Green Smoothie

I will try almost any smoothie recipe as long as it isn't a pain in the neck.  This recipe I found online somewhere a while back and I love the taste and it's obvious that it is super good for you.  Once you get past the initial thought of each ingredient and taste it all together, you will see what I mean.

2 peeled kiwi
1 peeled lime
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
2 handfuls of kale, (rip off the big stems)
few sprigs of mint
some ice

Blend all this up and you are good to go.  Keep in mind, consistency, flavor strength, etc. will all come from you experimenting with heavier or lighter amounts of the ingredients.  Personally, I like a little bit more mint and even though I love kiwi, you have to be careful not to add too much.  Enjoy!

03/07/2014 AM Workout & Run

Today, I had the time to pair a workout and a run.  I did a 20 minute workout using the following exercises.  I did around 30 second sets of each except the farmer's walk which i did for around 1:30 each set.  After the full rotation, I took a 1 minute break before starting up again.

Push ups
Russian twists/curl ups
Farmer's walk
Kettle bell swing
Single arm cleans
Med ball slams

After I did the 20 minute workout, I started up an ultrarunnerpodcast listening to an interview with ultrarunner Kami Semick and ran for 45 minutes at a decent pace.  I have to say, it's a great motivator listening to these podcasts with giants of the various running communities.  They all come off as down to earth people that sound just like you and I.  I often find myself thinking, "If they can pound out these amazing runs/races/I can finish this run or this workout."  

The run went great and it felt good to pair a workout and a run together.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

03/06/2014 AM Run

It's bitter cold out today, again.  F.  But, I just finished up a good hour long run in my gym.  I stepped up the pace today rather than simply running for comfort.  After an hour and about a million laps, I would say I ran between 6.75-7 miles during the hour.  My pace, averaged around 8:30-8:40/mile.  

It felt strong to step up my pace today.  The only real drawback is that in my gym, it feels like I am constantly turning at any quicker pace.  I do change directions every 15 minutes so that I change the stressor points on my joints.  It also helps break up the boredom.  

I have switched from music to podcasts at this point as well.  I have found multiple running podcasts on ITunes.  I currently am rotating between AthleteonFire and UltraRunningPodcasts.  After awhile, I totally tune the music out.  The podcasts are fresh.  However, I will not be listening to anything when I want to hit times or splits, etc.  It is too distracting for me.

On a side note, I obviously changed the look of the site.  I don't know if I really like it, but the other was to dark and dreary.  I want it to be a little more uplifting.  If you have an opinion, let me know.  If you want to and know how to design blogger templates from scratch, let me know.  I would love the help personalizing it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

03/05/2014 AM Workout

If you are short on time and/or space for a workout, I have a good one for you.  The workout I just did is your ticket to fitness on even the most cramped day.

I started off with a 5 minute warmup jumping rope.  If you don't have the space to jump rope or need to shorten the warmup, go with at least 3 minutes and simply do jumping jacks.  After warming up, I simply did variations of the same 3 exercises over and over for 15 minutes.  

Push up variations (there are a million)
Curl up variations (million as well)
Lunge Variations (not quite a million but a bunch)

Here is a link to a great set of push up variations and some good information about them courtesy of Men's Health.

Since I only did 3 exercises, I only took a minute break after 2 sets through and 4 sets through, 6 sets through, and so on.  Some of the push up variations I did were regular, stagger, T Push ups, and med ball push ups.  Some of the curl up variations were regular, curl ups with med ball, bicycle curl ups, and Russian Twists.  Lunges included regular, lunge with twist and med ball, side lunges, lunge and returns.

After 15 minutes of the rotations, I finished up with 5 more minutes of jumping rope.  Again, you can do this or jumping jacks or walk/jog a few minutes.  Whatever fits in your schedule and your space.

All together, I needed next to nothing and I was done in 25 minutes.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Runners Give Spontaneous Tribute To 95-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Came To Cheer

This is the way we should treat our veterans everyday!  Every one of them is a hero.

Runners Give Spontaneous Tribute To 95-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Came To Cheer

03/04/2014 PM Mini Workout

I just snuck in a 15 minute mini workout.  I did the following exercises each as a 1 set until fail, then move to the next exercise.  I was able to go twice through the routine with a single minute rest in between.  It was a good workout, but I would have liked to get in a third, if not a fourth rotation as well.  Oh well, next time.

Here it is:

Pull ups
Russian twists (12 lb. medicine ball)
Farmer's Walk (approx. 40 lbs. on each side)
Kettlebell Swing (25 lbs.)
Single arm cleans (25 lbs. Kettle)
Medicine ball slam (12 lbs.)

Anything is better than nothing! 

Personalized Training Tips, Info, Advice

I want to take the time to mention that I would love to offer my knowledge base in running/racing/training to anyone that cares to listen.  I am not pretending to be an expert, but I have done extensive reading/research on running, practiced a lot, and figured out what I think works well and what doesn't.  Consequently, I have developed my own ideology for success.

I also, have begun to incorporate various cross training methods into my workouts and feel confident discussing these options as well.  

If you want, contact me and we can discuss your goals, what you are doing, and what I think might help.  At the end of the conversation, if you think I'm full of crap, tell me and move on.  

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

03/03/2014 PM Run

I cannot believe its March already.  I feel really far behind in my running.  My fitness is in a good place, but the running, not so much.  I did just finish up a strong hour long run in my gym, felt great the whole time.  I didn't count the laps or keep track of mileage, etc.  It felt good to run.  I worry about the hardwood floor and the repetitive turning stressing my joints, but it will have to do.  As long as it is cold, I am not able to run on the treadmill.  As a wimp of the weather, I ain't running outside unless it's over 40 degrees.  

On a side note, during my run I listened to a podcast from Athlete on Fire while I jogged.  I loved it.  It was an interview with an endurance athlete, Dean Karnazes.  I know nothing about the guy doing these podcasts, Scott Jones, other than that I enjoy his questions and it is interesting.  Also, it made an hour long run in my gym go quickly, so thank you Scott!  He has a number of athlete interviews on the site ranging from runners, to fitness gurus, to bobsledders, etc.  

The main idea seems to be that all the athletes are Fired Up about their sport, motivation, passion, etc.  Personally, I love it.  Check out the link.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Check out this Podcast from Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man

Here is a link to a podcast from the true ultramarathon man, Dean Karnazes.  The guy has become a corporate machine, but after an unfulfilling life in the business world, Dean became one of the most well known ultra runners of the last 15 years or so.  His accolades are truly amazing.