Saturday, February 22, 2014

02/22/2014 PM Workout

As promised, I did not run tonight.  I stuck to my decision and rode the bike for a good fast session of about 21-23 MPH.  The legs feel good after a couple days running in a row and not a quick bike ride.  I want to run a lot, but I am going to be smart about it and build up with a proper amount of rest/recovery days.  In 2013, I took stock of rest and recovery and make a concerted effort to embrace it when I felt I needed it.  

Last year was a great year of running accomplishments for me.  I set my 5K PR (18:55), ran my first marathon (3:28:43), ran a brutally bizarre race (Running with the Devil), and stayed healthy throughout.  I have no complaints about 2013.  This year I have big goals including PR attempts in the three above races as well as the half marathon distance.  My focus on nutrition and overall fitness at the beginning of this year hopefully will put me on the right track for these events.  

We shall see.

Friday, February 21, 2014

02/21/2014 PM Run

I was not going to run today since it would have been my third day in a row and I am just getting back into the swing.  However, I got to the garage, looked at the bike, looked at the treadmill and promptly got on the treadmill.  As a compromise, I toned down the pace to 8:45/mile (slow) and only did 4miles.  

It was a little slow and tedious for me at this pace, but I was glad to get in another 4 miles and feel good doing it.  I also have realized over the last few years that varying my paces during different phases of training and on different days, is extremely beneficial to aerobic capacity and muscle endurance.

I plan on writing more in depth in the near future about the different paces that are important to success in running/racing.

For tonight, it breaks down like this:

At an incline of 2.5%, 4 miles at 8:45/mile--  35 minutes

Thursday, February 20, 2014

02/20/2014 PM Run

It's almost inconceivable.  I was actually able to run today, second day in a row.  Simply a miracle.  I got on the treadmill this evening and turned out another 5 mile run in 40 minutes.  The pace was 8:00/mile obviously.  However, even though pace, distance, and time all remained the same as yesterday, I did make one major change.

I used a pyramid setup for my incline throughout the run.  The setup was as follows:

Mile 1-  8:00/mile @ 2% incline
Mile 2-  8:00/mile @ 3% incline
Mile 3-  8:00/mile @ 4% incline
Mile 4-  8:00/mile @ 3% incline
Mile 5-  8:00/mile @ 2% incline

I liked this workout as it kept my mind off the treadmill and challenged my legs without adding a great amount of time.

Tomorrow, a day off from running and most likely a bike session to recover my legs and a short, intense workout.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

02/19/2014 PM Run

Thank God.  I never thought I would be so happy to get on the treadmill.  I was able to get in a run tonight on the treadmill as the temperature got to about 35-38 degrees F.  I cannot remember the last time I got a jog in.  

I did a 5 miler in 40 minutes, good for a pace of 8:00/mile.  I kept the treadmill at 2.5% incline, even though Runner's World recently published an article debunking the common believe of adding incline to adjust for treadmill running compared to road running.  

It was good to run again.  Stretch the legs and move them quickly.  On a side note, the fitness I have developed over the last couple weeks and the 10+lbs. I have lost were noticeable in the run.  I felt good, not to tired, and a little lighter on my feet.  

The weather is supposed to be mild for the next few days so I look forward to getting a few more runs in.

Monday, February 17, 2014

02/17/2014 PM Workout

Tonight, I did a rising speed workout on the stationary bike.  I started with a 20 minute ride at about 18-20 MPH.  I then transitioned into a second 20 minute block, upping the speed to roughly 20-22 MPH.  I then finished with a 5 minute run at about 22-24 MPH.  

I prefer workouts like this for a couple reasons.  First, anytime you end a workout faster than you started, it ups the cardiovascular benefit as well as building your lactate threshold.  I cannot clearly define lactate threshold in its entirety right now, but will in a future post.  Second, it breaks up the monotony.  Cardio machines, as most know, can be boring.  Changing speeds, intensities, etc. all help with boredom.  Finally, its good for your muscles to be challenged, tricked, kept off balance.  

If you simply get on a machine and repeat the same thing over and over, you lose the element of surprise on your muscles and they get accustomed to the workouts, thus settling in and being taxed less and less.   New tensions, tricks, instability.  All these, and others, help to make your muscles work hard in different situations.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

02/16/2014 PM Workout

This evening, I realized how much the snow and ice removal of the last few days is affecting me.  I did my 8 station workout listed in previous posts again in 30 second sets, with 4 full rotations.  By the second set, it was apparent that I was not as loose or free in my upper body like I usually am for this workout. 

It was a struggle to complete 4 good rotations of all the exercises.  I added a set of 50 crunches to the end for good measure and rounded out with a tough 20 minute workout.  I have to say I love these compact, little rest routines.  They pack a punch, work the whole body, and do not take up a ton of time.  

Feel free to try the one I am using or email me if you would like me to devise a routine for you.  I would be happy to accommodate. 

02/16/2014 AM Workout

This morning I got an upper body workout in the driveway trying to remove as much ice as possible.  Thanks to a bit of freezing and thawing on the roof and in the gutters, I am getting some sweet ice buildup in the driveway.  I took it down to pavement removing it today.  Tomorrow is another day.