Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/2014 Day 1 of the march to Ridgewood, a 5 miler

After a little time off, I began the march to Ridgewood today.  Basically, that means today was my first committed day heading to my number 1 goal of 2015.  As stated in a previous post, 17:59 for the Ridgewood Memorial Day 5K.  I ran a basic 5 miler today at a pace of about 8:30/mile.  It was nice outside for the time of the year and I have been psyching myself up to run outside so it was relatively painless.  

I dressed appropriately and didn't suffer a bit.  I really hate running in the cold, but as long as I dress well, I can handle it (that's what I keep telling myself anyway).  I have had real issues the last few years with running through the winter.  I generally lose all my fitness and have to spend the spring build back up my base.  Consequently, I am generally a fall racer.  However, in documenting my road to Ridgewood, I am trying to hold myself accountable through the winter and hit the spring ready to race.  

Starting today, I will document every single day until the race in May.  Active or not, my day will be spelled out right up until day 161, the day before the Memorial Day Run.  I'm excited for the race, the training, and the challenge of committing 100% to my training.  

In the coming days, I will share my running goals for 2015.  I have been thinking about them for a few weeks and I am trying to be realistic and demanding at the same time.  What are your running goals for the upcoming year?  

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