Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12/02/2014 7.5-8 mile run, thoughts on what lies ahead for The Daily Fitness Journal & my running

I stayed inside today and ran in the warmth for an hour, finishing off about a 7.5 mile run, maybe 8 miles.  It was good to be running and for most of the time I was reflecting on almost a year of The Daily Fitness Journal.  I started this blog last January as a way to combine my running journal and my know it all attitude towards whatever I am talking about :)

I mentioned in a post about a week or two ago that I have some things I would like to do on here to be more helpful and interesting.  While I will not divulge everything, I will say I am going to introduce an interview series once in awhile with a variety of people connected to the running world.  In fact, I already have a first guest in mind!  Also, I plan on increasing workout specifics for those of you looking to do things in your own training that is separate from what I am doing.

Personally, the next 25 weeks are very important to me as a runner.  It's at the end of those 25 weeks that I will be attempting to run 17:59 at the Ridgewood Run on Memorial Day.  I'm not going to lie, I am already nervous.  However, I am also resolved to put 0 limits on what I can do physically.  More on that in a coming blog post.  

As always, I look forward to writing for you and would love to here from you.  Thanks to Jon Holato again for the post on his Philly Marathon and also asking for more information on specific training tips and performance ideas through nutrition and/or racing strategies.  More to come on those topics!  Also, remember to go back to previous posts for a variety of insights.

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