Monday, November 17, 2014

Drop the watch, 1.5 hour run to de-stress

Today, it has been one of those irritating Mondays that people talk about, post cartoons about, and generally despise.  It all started with a puddle I stepped in five feet outside my front door.  Then, it moved on to full on irritation regarding contract stuff at work.  I do not want to elaborate.  Consequently, I decided that my best choice today was to simply run.

I dropped the watch, got changed and just went and ran for an hour and a half.  I simply took note of the time on the clock when I started and occasionally looked at it, ending when I was an hour and a half through.  It was good to run simply to run and even though I thought about a lot of stuff during the run, it helped me move on.  I am more focused on some key things and feel like I can be more productive for myself, my family, and my colleagues.

Going without a watch goes back to the days of running when your were a kid.  Just moving the legs, getting exhilaration from it, and sucking wind when you tire.  I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment that is unique, more intrinsic, when I run for feel rather than mile per hour or for time splits, etc.  I strongly suggest that everyone simply go for a basic run once in awhile.  I didn't run slower or take it easy necessarily, I just didn't focus or document the time and distance correlation, splits, intervals and such.

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