Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12/2014 33 minutes of sweat and fatigue, video included

I just packed in a great workout in 33 minutes.  I am roasted head to toe and my heart rate was elevated the whole time.  The best thing, I only used three pieces of equipment and a chair.  

I started off with a 5 minute jump rope warm up (piece #1 of equipment).  This got me warm and brought my heart rate up in the direction I wanted.

Next, I ran through two sets of the following circuit:

Pull ups- 10 reps
Russian twists- 30 reps
Lunges- 30 reps
12 lb. Med ball (Piece #2) slams- 10 reps
Reverse Crunches- 30 reps
Air squats- 30 reps
Farmer's walk ( #3, 2, 30 lb. buckets of water) until failure
Russian twists- 30 reps
Box jumps to chair- 30 reps

I did not rest between sets, but I rested one full minute between the first and second run through the circuit.  It took me about 23 minutes to do the circuit twice through.  

I included the video above for an idea of how to do the farmer's walk.  I do the exercise with 5 gallon buckets instead.  I have about 4 gallons of water in each and like the added instability of the water bouncing around.  I think it's a great test of grip strength and an added bonus instead of just using dumbells

I then finished with another 5 minute jump rope session in order to keep my heart rate up and work a little more.  All total, the 33-ish minute run was nonstop and it efficiently gave me a good workout.  

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