Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/04/2014 5 miles, no carbs, slowly dying

I think the no carbs thing is finally beginning to hit my workouts/runs.  I just finished up a 5 mile run that took a lot out of me.  I averaged a pace of 9:07/mile.  That is a little slow for me, but I was running simply for comfort at the beginning.  I did not worry about pace or even look at my watch until I was 4.65 miles into the run.  

I do not care how long it took, but find it interesting.  Even up until a couple weeks ago, my long runs of 8, 10, 12, 15 miles were all done at faster paces than today's.  However, I had glycogen stores back then.  Also, I was taking in carbs as I ran to refuel.  No carbs, no refueling, no major energy sources.  It will benefit me in the long run though.  Learning to run depleted is a great way to further your paces, thresholds, and efficiency.

It was also great to be out there as it is sunny and about 65 degrees with no wind.  I will hold on to mild weather as long as possible.

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