Monday, November 3, 2014

11/03/2014 NYC Marathon Congrats and a combo workout, strength & cardio

I am feeling reinvigorated after watching the NYC Marathon yesterday.  It is always inspiring to watch the runners battle, hear their stories, and see the faces of exhilaration when they are running/finishing.  If you watched any of it or live in the tristate area, then you know yesterday was brutal in regards to the wind.  I cannot imagine the feeling being on any one of the 5 bridges during the race and getting hit with those winds, let alone simply running the whole time in wind.  

I applaud and congratulate all those runners, including my friends, Sean Pinney and Jeremy Basis.  Both completed NYC yesterday, with Sean running his 4th NYC and 5th overall marathon and Jeremy getting his first marathon medal.  Great job guys!

I started today's workout with a 5 minute jog to warm up.  I then did 2 sets of the strength circuit I did the other day, however, I did it in reverse order.  I started with lunges and worked my way to the pushups, again doing about 45 seconds of each exercise before moving to the next with virtually no rest.  I rested one minute after the circuit and did it a second time through.  

When I finished up the circuit, I immediately ran 5 miles at 8:30/mile pace.  In total, the whole workout took me 1:03:30.  It felt good to strecth a workout to that length.  I rarely do combo workouts and I am not sure why.  It's probably because of how little strength stuff I had been doing.  I look forward to a regular Monday and Wednesday strength workout plan and I am going to vary it weekly.  

Wednesday, I am starting from scratch as far as the exercises go and the following Monday I will reverse it again and also do the cardio first, finishing up with the strength part.

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