Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30/2014 Treadmill workout at goal marathon pace

Tonight, I got in a fast 5 mile run on the treadmill.  I set out to run what I hope will be my next marathon pace in the spring or fall of 2015 (really hope spring!).  My pace for the 5 miles was 7:30/mile.  I finished the run in a total of 37:30.  Looking back, I am pretty sure I could have pushed myself another couple miles at the same pace.  If I can progress my endurance and increase my runs over the next few months, I definitely think I could handle this pace for a full marathon.  It would have me finishing 26.2 miles in 3:16:38.  That would be huge and I am shooting for it.

On my side, I ran a half marathon, my first ever, in 1:34.  This breaks down as a pace of 7:11/mile.  Because of these numbers, I feel confident shooting for that goal.

I need to now go online and find a marathon to apply this training towards.  

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