Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29/2014 Day three of no carbs, I know why people go insane!

It is day three and although I have done the no carb thing before, I know that it's why people go temporarily nuts sometimes.  I currently have a running list in my head of around 600 things that I want to eat, some of which show my desperation.  Corn bread/muffins, chips, crumb cake, crusty bread toasted with butter, a Blondie, etc.  Suffering in the name of willpower!

The point of this is to reset my body, gain control of the out of control eating that has been taking place, and to get me more towards what I believe will be an optimal weight for my running/racing.  It is pretty simply that the more you weigh, the more you have to carry on your runs and in your races.  

As a side benefit, workouts and runs while having no glycogen stores built up can be helpful to your body to train it to use other energy sources efficiently, ie fats.  A couple weeks at this and I should get to a good place and simply start to add in a normal diet to maintain energy and stabilize my weight.

Tonight is the first Knick game of the season so I will sit in bed and enjoy a big bag of nothing or a handful or air as a snack!

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