Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27/2014 5 miler with perspective

I just finished up a great 5 miler.  It took around 42 minutes, no big push or anything.  I ran for feel and finished my last mile a bit faster than the first four.  Today, I was really in my head more than I usually am.  Generally, I am thinking about my pace, distance, splits, intervals, etc.  Today, I just made sure to hit 5 miles, but I was thinking about non running things mainly.

One of those thoughts is my dread for the oncoming weather.  Today, it is mid 50's with sun and a breeze.  That is about as low as I wish it would go.  However, I think I am screwed in the coming weeks/months.  I know I have the clothing to keep me warm, but I find cold weather simply painful.  I am committing to man up and not be a wimp this year though and to power through winter training like a man!  I hope.

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