Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/21/2014 one hour run, mental commitment

I ran for an hour today, no GPS or mileage calculating.  I simply ran for an hour for feel as a comfortable jog.  I will admit it, I almost stopped at the 30 minute mark and again at the 45 minute mark.  I resolved to continue running though and I am glad I did.  

Everyone struggles with committing here and there.  I thought a lot about mentally committing while I was running today.  I ran the 5K this past weekend and although I broke 20 minutes, I am not where I was last year.  I ran 18:55 last year and want to break 18 minutes at some point in a 5K.  However, I need to commit and that's it.  Whether you are trying to run a 18 minute 5K or a 30 minute 5K, commitment is the key.  The same goes for a 2:30 marathon and a 4 hour marathon.  It's your goal and your commitment.  

My commitment will come in the form of a caloric lockdown and an increase in overall fitness.  I need to drop about 10 lbs. from where I am now to do the things I want to do.  Also, even though I am running a lot, I am not getting enough cross training or strength work as I need.  

Pick something and hold yourself accountable to it every day.  I am going to.

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