Thursday, October 9, 2014

10/09/2014 5.25 miles, comfortable pace

After listening to Scott Jones talking to Matt Fitzgerald the other day about the 80/20 Running and the need to run comfort paces and plan for hard efforts, I have been thinking more and more about longevity.  I plan to run as long as I am still breathing.  Consequently, I need to make sure my body can survive.  

I won't say that all of a sudden I am just going to dive into this whole theory and run strictly on an 80/20 program.  However, I do recognize the need for easy, comfortable days of running.  It bodes well for my future to be smart with my body and rest when needed, jog when needed, and supplement with hard workouts.

Today, I ran a 45 minute run and finished up about 5.25 miles.  The pace is just about 8:35/mile and I am happy with it.  Tomorrow I will be running mile repeats and it will be my hard effort day I will look to maximize.  

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