Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/08/2014 Half hour walk post 15 miler

I love to follow up a long run the day before with a walk of around 30-45 minutes. It helps loosen up the whole body and I can get in the mindset or what's coming up in my next workouts.  After completing the 15 miler, my body was slightly sore in the right places and pain free besides.

Also, after putting together a few long runs over the last month or so, I feel good about fueling during my runs again. I'm not a big fan of fueling but I realize the importance and I just deal with it. It helps to be consistent because I can tolerate it better.

Finally, I have been really lucky weather wise lately. It has been absolutely perfect during all my runs and walks over the last couple weeks. It certainly helps getting workouts in and enjoying them.

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