Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/07/2014 15 mile long run

There is something aboutt finishing a long run that is satisfying.  Besides the obvious training benefits I mean.  Setting a goal for the day, going out alone in most cases, and banging out a somewhat monotonous run over 2 hours in length is great. 

Today's 15 mile run is my longest run in months and I held a pace of 8:20/mile over the course of the run.  My fastest splits were 8:04 and 8:05 and my slowest mile splits were 8:40 and 8:44.  For the most part, I was locked into a middle range and held pace pretty well.  

The fitness is building.  It's time to build speed.  My plan for Friday is to do 3 mile repeats at a slightly slower pace, just under 7:00/mile pace.  I had been putting up screaming numbers in my pace for my previous speed work and I think it was inhibiting the amount I was able to complete.  I want to dial it back and lengthen the workout Friday.

Enjoy the day and get out for a run.  At least here, it is beautiful.

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