Friday, October 3, 2014

10/03/2014 Fast afternoon 5 miler

I dropped the speedwork idea today as I was a little crunched for time and truthfully couldn't get into the idea of intervals.  Instead, I ran a fast 5 miles today.  I started off with a first mile of about 8:00.  Then I ran the next 4 miles in 30:20.  The pace of the final 4 miles ends up at about 7:35/mile.  

A solid quick run and if I feel like it, I might jump on the bike or treadmill tonight and get a second workout of the day in.  I am definitely ramping up the fitness and will be doing a run or two this weekend and absolutely running 15 miles on Tuesday.  I had planned to do my step back in 2 weeks, however, since I was only able to get in 8 miles last Tuesday, I simply used that as my step down week and I am moving forward again.  No harm done.  Enjoy the weekend.  If you are racing this weekend, good luck!

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