Friday, September 26, 2014

09/26/2014 5 mile workout, speedwork included

Today was speedwork day.  It's a perfect day for a run and I got in a 5 mile workout in about 40 minutes.  This included the most versatile type of speedwork out there.

Mile repeats are a benefit to runners that train for events ranging from as little as a 5K up to a marathon and beyond.  A relatively short length in relative terms, the mile represents a popular choice because of time and distance.  When repeated in a workout, the mile can benefit speed and stamina as well as teach you about your pacing.

I ran for 5 minutes to warm up today and then did a mile in 6:28.  I then walked for 3 minutes and repeated the mile.  This time it took me 6:40.  I then jogged an additional 2.5 miles to finish my workout of 5 miles and it took almost 40 minutes on the nose.  

Next week, I aim to hit 3 repeats and keep all of them between 6:30-6:40/mile.  If you want to race fast, you have to train fast.  It is important to run longer sometimes, faster sometimes, and to jog sometimes.  

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