Tuesday, September 23, 2014

09/23/2014 12 miler, hope my foot doesn't fall off tomorrow!

Well, after complaining about my foot yesterday, I went out and ran 12 miles on it in 1:36:30.  That equates to about an 8:07/mile pace.  In retrospect, I feel like a complainer for yesterday, but there is something going on there.  It does and did loosen up during the run, but I feel some level of discomfort throughout the entire run.  That being said, I felt pretty goof for the duration of the 12 miles, until I got to the last quarter of a mile.  I did start to suffer a bit then.  I really have no complaints though after finishing up 12 miles at that pace.

After looking at the data from my watch, I am happy to see that my fastest mile, 7:36, was the 12th mile.

In regards to the foot, last night I rolled it on an ice bottle for a couple minutes and started with a 2 at night and 2 in the morning Aleve schedule.  I am going to keep this up for a week or two.  It goes against the bottle, however, an orthopedic told me that without having stomach issues and as long as you take with food, it is safe to do this type of therapy even for a couple months.  Consequently, I am good with a week or two of it.  The ice bottle roll felt awesome last night.  I am definitely going to do that several times a day.

We will see what tonight and tomorrow bring as far a repercussions for the foot.

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