Monday, September 22, 2014

09/22/2014 Afternoon 5 miler, maybe a little Plantar Fasciitis?

I love to self diagnose.  I have been dealing with some heal and arch pain over the last couple weeks.  Weeks, months, I honestly do not know.  All the days roll into the next.  What I do know is that my pain sounds a lot like plantar fasciitis as explained on the World Wide Web.  

Every day is the same recently.  I wake up, feel like all the tendons, muscles, ligaments, etc. in my foot are made of lead as I take my first few steps of the day and as the day goes, it gets better.  Although it loosens up, it is never gone throughout the day.  Go to sleep, wake, repeat.  

Usually, when I run, it feels ok and it doesn't seem to be an issue.  Today, it hung around a little while longer during the first couple miles of my 5 mile run.  I kept it simple as to not tweak anything worse.  I did 5 miles comfortably in about 44 minutes.

My plan to battle this foot thing going forward is rolling ice water bottles under my feet, taking a lot of Aleve, and whatever else I can come up with.  I know that the second best runner in my family :) Noreen Karcher, dealt with this awhile back.  Maybe she will have some tips.

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Noreen Karcher said...

I have some exercises to send to you. Sorry to hear you are also going through this.