Monday, September 8, 2014

09/08/2014 Slow 6.5 mile jog

I just finished up a nice 6.5 mile run and it took me literally an hour on the dot.  That breaks down to 9:13/mile pace if I remember correctly.  It was a significant run for two reasons.  First, I have not run for this amount of time since the middle of July.  Second, I specifically slowed myself down so that I could run that amount of time and completely enjoy it.  I was not really concerned with how many miles I ended with.  I just really wanted to be on my feet for a solid hour.  Mission accomplished.

One topic of note however, was a decent amount of heel pain I had in the last 1-2 miles.  I have been feeling some serious soreness in my right heel since Saturday morning and I do not know where it is coming from.  My arch is also sore and I do not know if its a muscle band or what.  When I finished the run, I spent about 5-10 minutes rolling a lacrosse ball under both feet.  It was sore as hell on the right foot, but it did feel better afterwards.  I plan on rolling my feet out a couple times a days for the next week or so.  

The picture I found talks about tendon pain and the need for rest.  We will see!

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