Wednesday, August 6, 2014

08/06/2014 Afternoon 4.2 mile run

It was about 90 degrees today and 4.2 miles in the sun drained me pretty good.  I ran a comfortable pace of about 7:56/mile so I finished up about 33:30 for the run.  It wasn't that it was difficult, but I definitely was dehydrated during/after.  I tend to run on the low side for hydration as is it.  I have a real disdain for water in general.  I just don't understand how people like drinking water.  There is literally no taste.  I know, I know, add some lemon, or lime, etc.  I'm too lazy.

Anyway, the run went well and I was thinking during my run that I need to start utilizing my new, homemade foam roller.  I have tried it, but haven't started incorporating it into the daily ritual yet.  I have heard from many people that it is awesome.

I should explain that instead of buying a $40-$50 dollar foam roller, I went homemade style because I was told by a couple people that it was cheaper and actually better than a store bought roller.  My 4 inch diameter PVC pipe cost me $5 in a 24 inch length.  I then covered it in basic duct tape to keep it from being slippery.  Total cost about $8, nice!  I was told to go this route becaue of the price and also because the harder the roller, the better the stretch.  Finally, store bought rollers tend to get softer over time.  However, I am pretty sure my PVC isn't going to get softer.  

I will post a picture with some more links to exercises.  Here is are great link from Competitor Magazine for 3 awesome exercises with the roller.  Good luck!

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