Sunday, July 6, 2014

07/06/2014 12 mile long run on hills with @athleteonfire and fellow New Jerseyan Nick Bautista

After two days off from running and some fresh legs, I was interested to see how a good long, hilly run would go.  I set out tonight to run a double loop of my normal 6 mile run and stretch the legs out farther than I had been able to in a couple weeks.  

It was immediately evident that two days off had done me some good.  My legs were fresh and I felt comfortable settling right into a solid pace.

The details and highlights of the run are as follows:

12.3 miles in 1:40:55

8:10/mile pace

7:33/mile was my fastest mile (mile 2), 8:45/mile was my slowest (mile 5)

3 of the last 5 miles were under 8:00/mile

Overall, I am super happy with the run.  If I hadn't run out of daylight completely, I could have run at least another 3 miles, probably another full 6 mile loop.  I sipped Gatorade after the first couple miles then drank some Powerade Zero at 6 miles and back to Gatorade at 9 miles.  

On a side note, I got back to the podcasts and listened to AthleteonFire and Scott Jones talking with fellow New Jersey guy Nick Bautista.  Nick just finished up a small ultra in Vermont.  He ran 500 mile in 9 days and 5 hours.  As soon as I got over the embarrassment of trying to get through 12 miles when he ran 500, I used it as motivation and it was a great podcast.

To finish the night, I am wearing my compression socks now as I am a bit sore.  Time for some watermelon.  Hopefully, a shake out run tomorrow of around 4 miles.

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