Tuesday, July 1, 2014

07/01/2014 PM 30 minute climb and 15 minute fast/flat

Wow, it is a bit stuffy in the garage!  My big "plan," tonight was to get in a second run of the day and make it to intervals of a climb and flat run.  This would simulate the race in a couple weeks because it's a direct climb of about 1.5 miles and 1100' up, followed be about 1.5 miles down and a loss of the same 1100'.  

I am going to attempt to average 40-45 minute up and down loops.  This will allow me to reach and maybe exceed my goal of 12 miles in the 3 hour time limit.  Tonight, I was able to get in 1 loop of the 30 minute climb and 15 minute flat run.  I think between the fast 6 miles last night, the fast 4 miles this morning and the seriously hot garage conditions, I am just done.  

Tomorrow is a little off day with some old man softball to clear the mind and get in some sprints.  Back at it on Thursday.

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Sean Pinney said...

Nice job Brian. The heat and humidity tonight were brutal.