Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/2014 Afternoon fast 4 miler

I was able to get out for a quick 4 mile run in the full afternoon sun today.  I only had about 35 minutes to run so I went out quick and finished in about 30:36 seconds for the 4 miles.  A pace of about 7:36/mile.  The sun is in full effect and today was a good step towards heat acclimation for the run next month.  It is hot, it felt hot, and it sapped me of a lot of strength.  It is also a good reminder for me to make sure the food and drink I am taking in will support me through my workouts in this heat.

Today's weather forecast at run time:

85 degrees
56% humidity
UV index 8 (very high)
Full sun

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