Monday, June 30, 2014

06/30/2014 PM 6 miler, negative split

Tonight, I had planned to run a good 12 miles, but ran out of sunlight.  Instead, I was feeling fresh after a couple of days off, so I decided mid-run to go with a negative split 6 miler.

I started my normal 6 mile run route which features a lot of hills, both up and down.  The mile breakdown went as follows:

Mile 1-  8:47
Mile 2-  7:43
Mile 3-  8:03
Mile 4-  8:05
Mile 5-  7:56
Mile 6-  7:11

Elevation wise, the breakdown of the run is that miles 1 and 5 are just about all uphill, miles 2 and 6 are primarily downhill, and the middle miles of 3 and 4 are basically flat.  

I am most happy about mile 5 tonight because it is literally all uphill and I was able to keep it under an 8:00/mile pace.  

Tomorrow, I will get in a longer run (hopefully) and a smaller run as well.

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