Friday, June 27, 2014

06/27/2014 AM hilly 6 miles

After a little prodding from the better half, I got out early this morning for a strong 6 miles.  I am not a morning person, at all.  However, when I do suck it up and get out the door, I feel better about getting my run in early and being able to move on with the day.  Consequently, thank you Maura for reminding me of that. 

I ran my normal 10K-ish route that is constant hills.  It is just over 6 miles and I was able to average about 7:50/mile.  Next weekend, as my final big run before the race, I will probably slow the pace and do 2 or 3 loops of this run to stretch out and use the clock up a bit more.

Although the temp is not even in the 80's, the humidity is crazy, making it thick, stuffy air.  It was a good lead in for a summer race workout.  

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