Monday, June 23, 2014

06/23/2014 AM 6 mile run with no energy

Saturday, I started a two week carb depletion plan, ie Atkins Diet.  I am looking to drop a couple meaningless pounds before having to carry them up and down a mountain for 3 hours and I want to go to ground zero with my glycogen stores before gradually building them up over the last two weeks leading up to my race.

I have also heard in some articles that some elites reduce their stores sometimes so they get used to running on dead systems, no energy.  This helps them power through the tough times and avoid "bonking."  Bonking is a term used in long distance athletics which refers to total system failure.  Basically its when everything wants to shutdown because of a total lack of energy.  

Today, on a seriously low level of energy, I ran 6 miles in about 51:40.  I felt tired from the start and had heavy legs the whole way.  In retrospect, I think it would have been a good idea to drop my pace a little, but I was just out of sorts because of the level of tiredness I had from the beginning.  I would like to double up and run again tonight to get some more mileage in today.  We'll see.

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