Friday, June 20, 2014

06/20/2014 AM 8 mile jog

I truly don't ever really jog at complete comfort pace I realize now.  I often run faster than jog pace for one reason or another.  I sometimes am limited for time, or I want to get a strong effort in, or sometimes, I just feel like running hard.  Today, I set out to really just enjoy a jog.  I only looked at my watch occasionally and just jogged for 8 miles.  It took me about 1:15 and it felt great.  I don't remember the last time I ran at a 9:25ish pace per mile.  It felt great though.  

The only reason I settled on 8 miles was because I was getting down to around the time I had to stop and always like to finish with a solid number.  It's just my thing.  Today wasn't about mileage, it was about effort and time.  Plus, it is beautiful out and I enjoyed it more than if I was out busting my a$$.

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