Tuesday, June 17, 2014

06/17/2014 PM Workout, 4 mile progression run

My personal model
Tonight, for my second run of the day, I did a 4 mile progression run.  I haven't spoken about it in awhile, but my Nike Sportswatch makes all of my runs informative.  Most of the time, I am reflecting post run at all my inofrmation.  However, there is a wealth of knowledge available real time just a click away during your run.  Time elapsed, pace, distance, current mile, and more.  The breakdown by mile looked like this:

Mile 1-  8:33/mile
Mile 2-  8:00/mile
Mile 3-  7:50/mile
Mile 4-  7:25/mile

This progression from slower to faster miles is great for two reasons.  First, it allows me to warm up a little in the first mile to shake out the muscles from the earlier run of the day.  It loosens me up and helps me avoid pulling anything and lets me check how my body feels going into run #2 of the day.

Second, it trains your legs to perform at the end of races, when they are already tired.  Even though it was only 4 miles, miles 3 and 4 are harder because I dropped time each mile.  The final mile was done at 7:25/mile pace.  This is not a blistering pace, but take into account that each mile got faster and also that I did a 4 mile fast run earlier in the day.  

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