Monday, June 16, 2014

06/16/2014 7 mile run with strong legs and a bad stomach

Lebron and the FIFA World Cup can keep their Powerade.  It does not agree with me as a method of refueling.  I ran 7 miles at a pace of about 7:44/mile.  It totaled up at about 1:01 for the distance.  My legs felt great, I was strong and was enjoying the run until about 5 miles in when the Powerade started to hit my guts.  
I have tried Gu gels, Clif Shots, ShotBloks, Gatorade, Gatorade G2, Hammer, and other fuels with no problems.  Today was the first time I used Powerade during my run.  Also, today will be the last time I fuel with Powerade as well!

This brings up a good point because with a lot of people, fueling can be a key to success in races or a method of downfall.  Had I been racing today, I would have been in trouble.  It is important to try different things out.  Gatorades and Hammer drinks work good for me, but maybe you do better with Powerade or some other endurance formula.  Try some out and not just for taste.  It is important that it agrees with your stomach.  I happen to like Powerade for taste more than Gatorade, but it doesn't like me.  

It's also possible to go natural with things like fruit.  I like watermelon chunks during a long race.  It is important to be careful about acidity and consumption amounts though.  

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